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of youth homelessness

Swap your screensaver today & help change a homeless child's life

How to get involved?

As a community member

Swap your screensavers or virtual backgrounds to an iconic Australian artwork to raise critical funds for Lighthouse’s safe homes and life-changing programs.

As much as you can, even if it’s only a few dollars.

2. Download

Your Ken Done and Cassie Byrnes limited-edition screensavers or digital backgrounds via email receipt.

3. Display

Proudly display your screensaver and encourage friends to join in, share and generate awareness in their own circles using #BREAKTHEPATTERN

As a business

Get your entire company to participate in this bright and engaging campaign.

We're calling out to Australian businesses to help us #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness. Contact us to find out more about our corporate packages on offer including CO-BRANDED virtual meeting backgrounds and email banners. Scroll down to see some of the businesses already on board, making a positive impact on their staff and wider community.

Call (03) 9093 7500 or email office@lighthousefoundation.org.au


In a meaningful collaboration, Lighthouse Foundation has partnered with iconic artists, Ken Done and Cassie Byrnes, to create a campaign that uses bright and colourful ART to help spread awareness and #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness. For a small but impactful donation, you can support vulnerable kids in Australia by downloading their ‘Cobalt’ Reef’ and ‘Basalt’ prints as limited-edition screensavers and digital backgrounds.

Cassie and Ken’s intricate and patterned artworks, with their repeated shapes and stokes, provide something visually beautiful to look at, but they may also make you think about other patterns you see in the world. Maybe you think of hexagons in a bee’s hive, or stripes at a zebra crossing?

At Lighthouse, we are reminded of the 44,000 homeless kids in Australia who have often experienced patterns of violence, abuse and neglect throughout their young lives leading them to homelessness. Without our charity’s intervention, therapeutic support and safe homes, these negative patterns would often continue. Because when a child learns dysfunctional behaviour, they absorb it and teach it to their own children, until there are generations of people who have learned these behaviours. This is a pattern we encounter daily at Lighthouse, and when we welcome a new vulnerable young person into our care, it’s our mission to give them the skills to leave their own positive mark in the world – to create a healthy pattern for them to pass on. But, we can only #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness with your support.

Who we are & how we #BREAKTHEPATTERN

Lighthouse Foundation provides homes and therapeutic care programs to children and young people impacted by long-term neglect, abuse and homelessness. Our focus is to create caring communities where kids can feel safe, form meaningful relationships and begin to heal from traumatic experiences. For the past 30 years, our proven Model of Care has successfully transformed the lives of over 1,000 young people.

In fact, our outcomes literally speak for themselves. Their names are Jess, Marcus and Cherie.

We hope that you enjoy reading their inspiring stories and take pride in knowing that your donation today is helping to #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness forever.

Donate, download & display to change a young life forever.

With your help, we have the power to #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness and provide kids impacted by trauma, the opportunity to lead meaningful lives and overcome damaging life experiences.



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